Sanatoriums in Hungary

Treatment in sanatoriums of Hungary

Hungary is a country that is known worldwide for its high-level spa treatment. Sanatoriums in Hungary are open in every corner of the country. Most of all, thermal waters are used to treat vacationers. This is due to the fact that Hungary is in the TOP 5 countries with the largest reserves (60,000 sources are concentrated in the country).

Thermal resorts in Hungary are among the most popular and most visited among resorts in the world. This is due to the high level of therapeutic effectiveness of thermal waters. In this regard, the health resorts of Hungary have no analogues in the whole of Europe, which is proved by the conducted studies. An advantage of the country is that it has the only healing thermal baths and lake of natural origin in Europe and the world.

Treatment at the Hungarian resorts is a rational combination of a high level of relaxation, effective therapeutic procedures, acquaintance with an interesting country and Hungarian hospitality, as well as reasonable prices.

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Features of spa treatment in Hungary

Sanatorium treatment in Hungary is carried out in its own medical complexes and thermal springs located in the sanatoriums. Not all of them are equipped with similar complexes. In any case, urban thermal centers are located in every resort in Hungary.

Infrastructure in most resorts in Hungary is well thought out for vacationers. Most often, several pools of various types are located in sanatoriums: classic - for swimming, thermal - for relaxation and treatment.

Food at Hungarian resorts is provided at a decent level, comparable to resorts in Italy. The assortment of dishes is huge: both Hungarian and European cuisine are available. In terms of comfort and level of service, the health resorts of Hungary are different. They differ from each other even with a similar number of stars.

The best thermal spas in Hungary

Sanatorium Heviz


A popular resort town in western Hungary. Its most significant attraction is the largest thermal lake in Heviz in Europe. The water temperature in it in the summer season is 36 ° C, in winter - not lower than 25 ° C. Such conditions allow you to swim in the lake at any time of the year. The water in it is rich in minerals and gases. In Lake Heviz, mud from its bottom also has healing properties.

Resort Sarvar


A resort town in the north-west of the country, in which there are two thermal healing springs of different composition. Their water is used in the treatment of various diseases. The bathhouse, where they are located, is located almost in the center of the city in a picturesque forest zone. The water temperature in one source is 83C, in the other - 43C. Salt is extracted from the water of one of them, which is used for medicinal baths. In the bathhouse there is a salt cave, which favorably affects asthma therapy and chronic respiratory infections.

Bukfurdo Thermal Resort


The resort town in the northeast of the Vas region. About a million tourists visit it annually. Bukfurdo became widely known for its healing mineral water, the source of which is located in this resort. It is mined from a depth of 1282m. The surface temperature reaches 55C.

Treatment in the sanatorium Tapolca


A resort town located in the mountains near the northern shore of Lake Balaton. There are karst caves near and in the city itself. In some of them, over the period of their existence, a healing microclimate has been formed that promotes the treatment of respiratory organs.

Sanatorium Harkany in Hungary


One of Hungary's most popular and healing baths. The water in it is enriched with minerals, it also has a soluble gas, which contributes to the metabolism of man. In general, water in the bath is used in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, gynecological and skin diseases. The temperature is 62C. It hits from a depth of 1,500 m.



The resort city, popular among vacationers and having worldwide fame. It houses a thermal spring, the water temperature in which reaches 75 ° C. Most of all, the thermal water of this spring contributes to the treatment of rheumatism.

What diseases can be cured in sanatoriums in Hungary?

The thermal springs of Hungary are its main wealth. There are 60,000 of them throughout the country. They are all different in size, water temperature and their chemical composition. Regardless of this, the benefits to the body from the use of thermal waters are enormous.

In the sanatoriums of Hungary with the treatment of water, thermal springs are effectively used in the treatment of diseases:

  • Skin;
  • Respiratory organs;
  • Musculoskeletal system;
  • Muscle
  • Gastrointestinal tract;
  • Of cardio-vascular system;

In Hungary, in addition to thermal water treatment, dentistry is well developed. Experienced and highly qualified doctors provide a wide range of services: from treatment and prosthetics to implantation.

Prices for sanatoriums in Hungary with and without treatment

The cost of treatment in the sanatoriums of Hungary varies depending on the popularity of the resorts, the choice of a particular sanatorium, the list of procedures provided in accordance with the permit. Most of the tourists planning to go to Hungary decide to book a sanatorium without treatment. This allows you to reduce the price of the tour. And having arrived at the resort, they additionally acquire the necessary procedures.

Specific prices for sanatoriums in Hungary with treatment are formed depending on the level of infrastructure, stardom and occupancy of the sanatorium in a certain period of time. The average cost of a tour in a 4-star hotel with a flight by plane is: 7 days - $550-600, 14 days - $1000.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor