Joint treatment in health resorts in Hungary

Joint disease treatment in Hungary

Hungarian resorts are famous all over the world. They gained their fame thanks to a large number of healing springs, the water of which is widely used to treat joints. Therefore, most medical institutions in the country specialize in this profile.

The use of classical and innovative methods of therapy, a mild climate, excellent service can achieve good results in the treatment of joints in Hungary. Most patients notice an improvement in their condition after several procedures.

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Joint sanatoriums in Hungary

Joint sanatoriums in Hungary

Budapest is known for its spa traditions even outside of Europe. The city has about 130 sources. Most of them are equipped in the form of baths, and the nearby joint sanatoriums in Hungary provide professional-grade wellness and service. The most popular among vacationers are “Danubius Hilt Spa Resort Margarit Island”, “Danubius Spa Resort Helia” and others.

Heviz Lake with thermal waters is located 170 km from Budapest. Its healing properties have been known since the 17th century. Even in the coldest time of the year, the water temperature in it remains at 24 ° C, and in summer it reaches 34 ° C and higher. The lake is fed by numerous sources, which allows the water to be completely renewed every 28 hours and to be always clean. Curative mud and sludge of a reservoir have practically no contraindications for use.

Many experts recommend Heviz to their patients as a spa in Hungary for joint treatment. A large number of resorts and hotels operate here year-round.

Why is joint treatment on Lake Heviz so effective?

The thermal lake is used as the main treatment tool. The healing properties of the reservoir help in the treatment of many pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. Therapy is effective for degenerative diseases of the spine and joints, diseases of a rheumatoid nature, chronic inflammation of the joints.

Joint diseases are treated comprehensively in Hungary. The main areas of therapy are:

  • Swimming in the lake - its water is rich in microelements such as S (one of the main elements of cartilage joints), Ca, Mg, K, Fe, radon (participates in the synthesis of anti-inflammatory hormones). Their presence in water allows you to quickly relieve pain and inflammation. The effect is noticeable even with ordinary bathing;
  • Mud therapy - peat mud is used for articular applications. They are mined from the bottom of the lake. They relieve pain, help reduce inflammation, improve trophic tissue and prevent the appearance of negative changes;
  • Procedures in the thermal pool - hot water relieves muscle spasm, improves joint mobility.

Also, sanatoriums in Hungary apply electric procedures for joints, kinesiotherapy, gymnastics in pools.

The Heviz resort for the effectiveness of the treatment of joint diseases is in the TOP 5 best in Europe.

Prices for the treatment of joint diseases in health resorts in Hungary

To stay on the lake gave a positive result, you must complete the full course of balneotherapy. The best effect is achieved when undergoing treatment under the supervision of specialists. The cost of their services depends on the nature of the disease, its severity, and the level of qualification of the doctor also matters.

In addition to paying for specialist services, the cost of joint treatment in Hungary also includes a fee for visiting the lake.

Entrance Ticket Price:

  • For 3 hours - 9 euros;
  • For 4 hours - 11.5 euros;
  • All day - 16 euros.

You can also purchase subscriptions for 10 hours (8000 forints or 27 Euros) and for 20 hours (15000 forints or 50 Euros). Visiting the lake is allowed daily.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor