Dental tourism in Ukraine

Dental tourism

Dental tourism, as a phenomenon, has been formed in a separate direction in the market of medical services long ago. Main clients are patients from Western countries who appreciate beautiful teeth, but do not perform dental procedures at home, because of their high cost. Such people are looking for places where dental treatment is relatively inexpensive, and the quality of the services provided is at a high enough level. One such country is Ukraine, which has a huge number of dental clinics and centers that provide dental services at a much lower cost than European countries.

As a result, dental tourism in Ukraine is available to a larger number of patients, because the price of a dental tour to Ukraine is much lower than the cost of treatment at home. In addition to receiving a really high-quality treatment, tour allows the dental tourist to save money and make an exciting trip to a new country - Ukraine.

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What are the advantages of a dental tour in Ukraine?

Dental tours in Ukraine have a number of positive moments:

  • The possibility of combining dental treatment with vacation in one of the most beautiful countries of Eastern Europe. In addition to money saving, a dental tourist has the opportunity to get to know Ukraine - a country rich in historical monuments, present in almost all major cities;
  • It is easy to get to Ukraine. The tourist has a wide choice of transport routes, depending on his capabilities and needs. You can use air transport, rail, get on the bus or own car;
  • You do not need a visa to enter the country. Residents of post-Soviet countries, the European Union, the countries of the American continent and many other countries can visit Ukraine without opening an entry visa. It is simply not required. For citizens of Belarus, visiting the country is possible with an internal passport only.
  • Absence of a language barrier. Tourists from former Soviet republics, will not feel any discomfort, in almost all clinics communication takes place in Russian. For European and American dental tourists many respectable centers recruit staff with knowledge of English, so there will be no difficulties with communication.

What is the cost of dental services in Ukraine?

Stomatology in Ukraine

The cost of services provided in Ukraine is several times lower than similar procedures in other countries. In order to confirm this statement, we will quote examples of prices for dental services in the US and Ukraine.

For example, a simple plastic prosthesis in the United States, will cost the patient about 26000 UAH, While in Ukraine its price, roughly will be about 4150 UAH.

However, low cost does not mean low quality of services offered. Simply in Ukraine there is a low cost of living, and an increase in the price of dental services will turn over most of the local population. Therefore, in this situation, a dental tourist has the opportunity to acquire healthy teeth for little mon

What services are most popular for dental tourists?

Dental tours to Ukraine

Dental tourists are interested in the following types of services:

  • Prosthetic dentistry. The service is considered the most popular. About 40% of all patients from other countries choose this kind of service.
  • Implantation. Installation of new dental implants attracts 25% of dental tourists;
  • Healing procedures, for example caries treatment, attract another 20% of patients;
  • Orthodontics. In the last few years, 10% of patients have got alignment of teeth. But because of high quality and low cost, the installation of braces in Ukraine is gaining popularity, and the number of dental tourists for this service will increase.
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor