Treatment of uterine cancer in Israeli clinics

Treatment of uterine cancer in Israeli clinics

Uterine cancer is a group of malignant tumors that develops from the uterine epithelium (endometrial cancer), or from the walls of the uterus (cancer of the uterus body). This kind of oncology is one of the most common among women. It is especially dangerous because it occurs almost without symptoms at early stages, and later symptoms are also common for many other gynecological diseases.

Treatment of the uterus in Israel gives a very high chance of success due to highly qualified specialists, modern equipment and technologies, as well as modern research.

Upon completion of the treatment of uterine cancer in Israel, approximately 90% of the cases come full recovery.

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Stages of cancer of the uterus and features of their treatment

The treatment of uterine cancer in Israel and its results are very dependent on the stage of tumor development:

  • 1 stage. The tumor is located within the muscular layer of the uterus.
  • 2 stage. The spread has moved beyond the body of the uterus and passed into cervical cancer.
  • 3 stage. There is a lesion of the vagina, parametric fiber.
  • 4 stage. The tumor grows beyond the pelvis. Metastases are formed in the rectum, bladder. In the worst case, metastases can reach the lungs.

Methods of diagnosis of uterine cancer, which are used in Israeli clinics

Diagnosis of uterine cancer

Clinics in Israel for the treatment of uterine cancer can offer the following diagnostic methods:

  • Gynecological examination. This is the primary stage of diagnosis in which the doctor can palpate, feel hardening, enlargement or the presence of formations. A cervical smear is also analyzed to detect atypical cells.
  • Transvaginal ultrasound. It gives an opportunity in a three-dimensional image to consider all the smallest details of the uterus.
  • Genetic testing. It is used if the patient's relatives had oncology. It can help detect a tumor at a very early stage, when other methods will not work.
  • Curettage. Sampling of endometrium for later examination under a microscope.
  • Hysteroscopy. Highly informative method due to the specialized optical system the doctor can detect the tumor process and its location.
  • Endometrial biopsy - the removal of the tumor tissue with a thin needle for further research.
  • Blood test. If there is an oncology in the analysis, significant deviations from the normal indicators will be found.
  • CT scan. Allows you to track the spread of the disease.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging. Provides accurate information about the size and limits of the tumor.
  • Positron Emission Tomography. Helps to find increased activity of cancer cells, to locate the location of the tumor and metastasis.

What are the most effective methods of treating uterine cancer in Israel?

Uterine cancer

Depending on the stage, type of tumor and the vastness of the affected area, the optimal method of treatment is chosen. Of course, this also affects the cost of treating uterine cancer in Israel.

Let's consider the basic methods:

  • Progestenotherapy. Used in the case if for some reason other methods are contraindicated. This hormone therapy is also used to stop the growth of the tumor for a while, so that the patient can become pregnant and have a baby.
  • Radiotherapy. With a remote option, the oncological cells are affected by a linear accelerator. Thanks to him, the tumor is destroyed without affecting healthy tissue. With contact radiotherapy, the required dose of radiation is calculated and injected into the pelvic cavity.
  • Chemotherapy. With its help, cancer cells are killed by the introduction of chemicals. Usually appointed in the late stages of the tumor process.
  • Surgical removal of the uterus. Hysterectomy is often performed by the laparoscopic method for easier and faster rehabilitation. In advanced cases, it is also necessary to remove the ovaries, omentum, cervix and the nearest lymph nodes.

Prices for the treatment of uterine cancer in the best clinics in Israel

How much does the treatment of uterine cancer in Israel cost? It is important to understand that the cost of treatment depends on the clinic and the method chosen. It is very important for the patient to undergo qualitative diagnostics before the procedures, as this is likely to be able to reduce the costs of treatment and increase its effectiveness. On average, prices for the treatment of uterine oncology in Israeli clinics are as follows:

Procedure Assuta Clinic Shiba Clinic Suraski Clinic Hadassah Clinic
Oncologist consultation from 720$ - from 740$ -
PET-CT from 1660$ from 1900$ 1400-2200$ -
Biochemical blood test from 45$ - 580-750$ -
MRI of the abdominal cavity with contrasting from 1350$ - 30000-40000$ -
Intravaginal ultrasound - - from 480$ -
Blood test for oncomarkers from 20$ - from 740$ -
Consultation of a gynecologist - - 1400-2200$ -
The robotic system Da Vinci 26000-32000$ - from 740$ -
Hysterectomy (removal of the body and cervix) from 14000$ - 1400-2200$ -
Target therapy - - from 740$ -
Radiation therapy from 10000$ - 1400-2200$ from 10000$
Chemotherapy from 620$ - - from 1200$
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