Canсer Treatment in Austria

Cancer Treatment in Austria

Cancer treatment in Austria is a priority for many medical tourists suffering from cancer. And there are reasons for this.

In Austria, there are a sufficient number of cancer centers providing the highest level of treatment services. This is due to a fairly strong school of oncologists practicing in centers and the technical equipment of the clinics themselves. They are equipped with modern equipment designed to help the doctor conduct an effective diagnosis, prescribe treatment appropriate to the stage of the disease.

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Benefits of cancer treatment in Austria

  • The medical industry in Austria is much stronger than Ukrainian medicine. Leading clinics host and successfully treat patients who have been refused treatment in Ukraine, considering the treatment unpromising;
  • Oncology clinics in Austria use modern, advanced approaches to treatment. Applying mainly minimally invasive methods of surgical intervention, which ultimately gives the patient high treatment efficiency and a short rehabilitation period;
  • The high level of comfort when in Austrian clinics and the attitude of the staff towards the patient can not be compared to undergoing treatment in Ukrainian medical institutions;
  • The official cost of the treatment. There are no various “donations” and “thanks” to the staff and the medical institution, as this, unfortunately, is practiced in Ukraine. The price of treatment is strictly agreed and corresponds to the price offer of the clinic;
  • With advanced and incurable stages, the patient may be offered palliative care that will maximize life, reduce pain and suffering from them.

In addition to the above advantages, in the clinics of Austria the diagnostic direction is well developed, because early diagnosis of the disease is the key to successful treatment!

What methods are used to treat oncology in Austria?

Oncology treatment with radiation therapy in Austria

In the treatment of oncology in Austria, traditional treatment methods are used, which, combined with the professionalism of doctors and advanced equipment, give excellent results. For the treatment of cancer they use:

  1. Surgery. Austrian oncologists profess cardinal approaches in treatment, namely the removal of the most malignant formation and the adjacent lymph nodes, which further excludes the formation and spread of metastases. Modern methods of surgery, namely laser, endoscopic, etc. allow to reduce the damage caused to the body, provide a shorter rehabilitation period necessary for recovery;
  2. Methods of radiation therapy. With this type of therapy, tissues of malignant formation are exposed to radiation, in order to stop their further growth. Before deciding on the use of this type of treatment, the Austrian doctor comprehensively studies the results of the studies. And, only on the basis of predictive outcomes of a positive nature, appoints the proper dose and number of radiation sessions. Modern methods of radiation therapy allow their use in conjunction with surgical intervention, the so-called interoperative radiation therapy;
  3. Chemotherapy. With this method of treatment, antitumor drugs are used to stop the spread and lead to the death of cancer cells. This type of therapy is usually used in conjunction with radiation exposure methods.

The best oncology clinics in Austria

Due to the individual approach to the patient in cancer centers in Austria, the percentage of survival and cure of patients is quite high. This is facilitated not only by the high professionalism of the staff, but also by the atmosphere in which the treatment and recovery take place. Fast and high-quality rehabilitation is facilitated by comfortable living conditions in clinics and, of course, the natural conditions themselves - clean mountain air and unspoiled ecology. The following is a list of the most famous cancer clinics in Austria:

Cancer clinic Privatklinik Leech

Privatklinik Leech

It provides a full list of services in the treatment of oncology - from initial diagnostics to discharge of a patient. The center is equipped with modern equipment, and its practicing oncologists were trained in leading European and American clinics.

Central Vienna Clinical Hospital

Vienna Central Clinical Hospital (Wiener Allgemeines Krankenhaus)

The treatment center, part of the structure of the Vienna Medical University. All innovative methods and scientific research developed at the university, after their certification, are immediately applied in medical practice.

Oncology Treatment at Vienna Private Clinic

Vienna Private Clinic  (Wiener Privatklinik)

The clinic is a wide profile clinic, but the main focus in its activities is aimed at the fight against oncology. Doctors successfully treat cancer, combining with each other the methods of surgical intervention, radiation therapy and chemotherapeutic treatment.

Cancer treatment prices in Austria

The cost of cancer treatment in Austria is determined after a comprehensive study and diagnosis of the disease. The price largely depends on the degree of development of the tumor, its location, the general condition of the patient's body. Here are some average prices for cancer treatment in Austria:

  • Surgical intervention for cancer of the stomach - 17000-25000 EUR;
  • Surgical removal of formations with bowel cancer - 20,000-35,000 EUR;
  • The course of chemotherapy is 2000-8000 EUR, depending on the intensity and the drugs used;
  • The course of radiation therapy (from 10 to 33 sessions) - 6000-15000 EUR;
  • Treatment of lymphoma - 25000-65000 EUR.
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor