Treatment of melanoma in German clinics


Melanoma is a malignant tumor arising from cells that produce melanin. Of all types of cancer, it is the most aggressive tumor, which is able to give metastases to any organ or bone system immediately after the onset.

Treatment of melanoma in Germany corresponds to all international quality standards. German doctors use the latest developments and practice modern techniques.

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What types of melanoma happen?

The most common types of melanoma are:

  • Nodal melanoma is the most aggressive type, which is characterized by very rapid growth.
  • Superficial melanoma is formed on clean skin and is prone to rapid development of metastases.
  • Malignant lentigo affects the skin areas that are most exposed to ultrasound. It develops rather slowly and metastasizes very late. Most often it develops on the basis of senile pigment spots.
  • Non-pigment melanoma is a form of nodal melanoma that does not have a color.
  • Acro-lentiginous melanoma appears on the skin of the palms and feet. Rapidly growing and spreading metastases. Most often it occurs in black people.
  • Melanoma of the eye can form on the iris, tear sack or eyelid. Tumor is slow growing and later metastatic.

The most effective methods of diagnosing melanoma, which are used in Germany

Diagnosis of melanoma in Germany

Diagnosis of melanoma in Germany is based on the following methods:

  • Anamnesis - clarification of the timing of the appearance of skin lesions, changes in color, size or structure, the presence of other symptoms. Examination of the patient and the search for other lesions on the skin.
  • Biopsy - tissue cells are taken from a suspicious place for further study. When the tumor is deeply germinated, an excisional biopsy is used, in which the tumor is removed completely and then examined. If a metastasis is suspected in organs and lymph nodes, a biopsy is required. There are also many other types of biopsies selected depending on the tumor process.
  • A general and biochemical blood test are used in the treatment of melanoma to assess the condition of internal organs.
  • Computer, magnetic resonance and positron emission tomography, through the removal of detailed images of tissues and organs, help to detect the spread of metastases to organs and lymph nodes.

Methods of treating melanoma in German clinics

Treatment of melanoma in German clinics

Clinics for the treatment of melanoma in Germany use such basic methods:

  • Surgical intervention. With melanoma, the entire tumor is radically removed with capturing adjacent healthy tissues and lymph nodes, as well as all foci of metastases.
  • Radiation therapy. It is used to destroy the remaining pathological cells after the operation.
  • Chemotherapy. It is prescribed as the main method of complex therapy or as an auxiliary after the operation.
  • Injections into the tumor tissue of specialized medications that destroy pathological cells.
  • Immunotherapy - the stimulation of immunity for self-control of cancer cells. It is used after surgery and radiotherapy.

Average prices for treatment of melanoma in clinics in Germany

For the treatment of melanoma in Germany, a comprehensive approach which includes surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and biological drugs is always chosen. All this in combination with the necessary diagnostics and services of medical staff form the price of melanoma treatment in Germany.

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