Treatment and diagnosis of prostate cancer in clinics of Latvia

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a cancer that occurs quite often among the male half of the population. The danger of the disease is that it is quite difficult to identify in the early stages, because it proceeds almost asymptomatically. But if the cancer is identified, it is necessary to immediately begin its treatment.

Prostate treatment in Latvia is the application of innovative techniques that allow you to completely treat the disease and identify it in the initial stages. Doctors are actively using advanced technologies that diagnose and treat pathology, such as PET-CT (positron emission tomography) and radiosurgery, in other words "cyberknife".

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Effective diagnosis of prostate cancer in Latvia with PET-CT

Diagnosis of prostate cancer in Latvia is carried out in various ways - ultrasonography, computer tomography, MRI. But a more accurate method to identify the smallest foci of cancer-affected cells is PET-CT:

  • High accuracy in diagnosis, especially in cases of the likelihood of relapse after surgery;
  • The marker allows you to define a clear line between the affected and healthy cells, and to identify a malignant cell clot;
  • High sensitivity of the method, allowing to determine the smallest bone metastases;
  • The technique allows you to clearly establish the subsequent treatment plan;
  • Accurate data on the size, position, functionality of the tumor.

CyberKnife - an innovative weapon against prostate cancer

The treatment of prostate cancer in Latvia has made great strides when the application of a new, modern method of radiosurgery, cyberknife, has begun.

The peculiarity of this method is that the procedure does not require surgery, there is no need for anesthesia. Ionizing radiation in a certain dose affects the cells, as a result, the tumor is destroyed and its growth stops.

The positive points of a cyberknife include:

  • Short-term course of therapy, consisting of 5 sessions of 45 minutes;
  • A more gentle method, in which nearby tissues and healthy organs do not suffer;
  • Faster recovery;
  • Minimal risk of recurrence;
  • Completely painless method, after which the patient can return to usual life.

The benefits of modern treatment

Prostate cancer treatment in Latvia

The radiosurgical method and PET-CT are the only two methods used in Baltic medicine, which allow to accurately identify and treat prostate cancer in men, without damaging surrounding areas of healthy tissue, organs, vessels and nerves.

Undoubtedly, the effectiveness of the methods is determined by the fact that there are no risks of resuming the disease, and sexual function in men remains fully functional. Even more, in some cases, the potency is maintained at a high level.

The postoperative period after a cyberknife differs in many ways from the usual methods of treatment. For example, there are no pain, burning, itching in the groin area. But there is such a side effect as difficulty urinating. If, after standard irradiation, the process of urination is accompanied by pain, burning, then after a cyberknife, everything goes several times easier, and not so traumatic.

The cost of prostate cancer treatment in Latvia

Most patients prefer to choose the Baltic centers and clinics to treat prostate cancer because treatment is much cheaper here than in other European countries. The cost of prostate cancer treatment in Latvia is an average of €9,500-10000, while at the same time it is possible to recover in Germany for €23,000.

On the basis of modern medical institutions work professional doctors with international experience and recognition. In addition, they use advanced equipment and the latest innovations in the medical field. All medical personnel speak Russian, which allows any patient to feel "at home" during their stay in clinics.

The total cost of prostate treatment in Latvia is €9000. This is almost two times less than in Israel, the Czech Republic, and Turkey. At the same time, the price of treatment can be higher, if the consultations of specialists in clinics are needed.

Patients with oncological diseases choose treatment in Latvia, because the risks of recurrence in Baltic clinics are minimized, which reduces the cost of repeated procedures.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor