Treatment of prostate adenoma in Turkey

Prostate adenoma in men occurs as a result of an enlargement of prostate gland. The disease is manifested by the proliferation of gland tissue and the appearance of benign growths.

Gland hyperplasia is associated with hormonal age-related alterations. Therefore, after 40-50 years the risk of developing the disease increases.

Since the prostate gland is located near the urethra, when it expands, it squeezes urethra. As a result, there are various problems with urination.

In the early stages of the disease is successfully treated. Non-treated adenoma, in the later stages, often causes various complications. Therefore, it is very important to consult a doctor at the first sign of illness. Many patients come for treatment at clinics in Turkey.

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What methods of diagnosis of adenoma are used in clinics in Turkey?

Treatment of prostate adenoma in Turkey

The effectiveness of treatment depends on the quality of diagnosis. Prostate clinics in Turkey use:

  • Research of a secret of a urethra and a prostate - reveals an inflammation and a degree of its expressiveness;
  • MRI and CT - for the study of soft tissues, to establish the degree of development of inflammation, to identify tissue deformations;
  • Transrectal ultrasound - to obtain objective data on all sizes of the organ, including the tumor volume;
  • The PSA test is a detection in the blood of a substance produced by the prostate. High rates may indicate malignant process. The analysis is considered to be a tumor marker;
  • Biopsy - the collection of tissue particles for research.

Turkish doctors treat their work very responsibly. Treatment of adenoma in Turkey starts only after receiving all the results of diagnosis.

What treatments for prostate adenoma are used in Turkey?

Prostate adenoma

Many patients are afraid of surgery and prefer treatment with pills and injections. However, drugs do not always bring good results.

A much more effective method is the intervention of surgeons. The times when the operation was performed through the perineum by the open method became history. New methods allow not to apply general anesthesia, eliminate the risk of bleeding and damage to surrounding tissues, significantly reduce the rehabilitation period.

In clinics for the treatment of prostate adenoma in Turkey, sparing surgical methods are used:

  • HIFU - high intensity ultrasound is used. Performed using an endoscope;
  • Cryodestruction - exposure to cold using liquid nitrogen. Endoscopically;
  • Transrectal microwave therapy - exposure to high frequency microwaves. A rectoscope is used to perform the procedure;
  • Transurethral vaporization - the heating of fluid in the tissues of the prostate using laser radiation.

Doctors in Turkish clinics select a specific method based on diagnostic data and individual patient characteristics.

Prices for prostate treatment in Turkey

Despite the development of new methods and the reduction of the postoperative period, the price of treatment in clinics in Europe or Israel is still quite high. It is not by chance that many patients choose Turkey, and here are the main reasons:

The price of prostate adenoma treatment in Turkey is 2 times lower than in other foreign hospitals. At the same time, Turkish clinics have high-class equipment, and the qualifications of doctors are not inferior to the knowledge of European colleagues. We also note the professional approach and the friendly atmosphere of the medical urological centers of Turkey.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor