Treatment with stem cells in Ukraine

Treatment with stem cells in Ukraine

Treatment with stem cells is quite a new, but very promising direction in medicine. Today it is actively developing in all developed countries, including Ukraine.

In 2003, stem cell treatment in Ukraine was allowed at the official level, and since then Ukrainian doctors in this field have achieved tremendous results. Unique author's methods have received international recognition and proved their effectiveness in clinical practice. During this time hundreds of patients with extensive burns, chronic ischemia of the lower extremities, pancreatic necrosis were rescued. This means that residents of Ukraine who need such help will be able to undergo treatment at home.

Note that Ukraine is the only one among the CIS countries, where this type of therapy was officially resolved. Rarely such a resolution is still for developed European countries, because every year more and more medical tourists go to be treated with stem cells to our country.

How much does stem cell therapy in Ukraine cost?

For storage of umbilical blood it is necessary to pay from $ 200, placentas - from $ 150 per year. Also, a separate payment for the taking and preparation of the material is required.

Technology of cultivation and preparation of SC is very complicated, therefore, one can not count on the low cost of treatment. Clinics do not voice the exact prices, everything is purely individual. The price reflects factors such as the stage of the disease, what medical procedures should be used in this or that case and who will be the donor of stem cells.

However, prices for stem cell treatment in Ukraine are much lower than in developed countries in Europe and the United States. However, the effectiveness of treatment in Ukrainian clinics is not lower than the foreign ones. Consequently, Ukrainians and guests of the country from the US, Europe, China and other countries have the opportunity to get qualified assistance at an affordable price.

What diseases are treated with stem cells in Ukraine?

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The result of cellular therapy depends on such important factors as the state of the patient's body, the severity and duration of the disease, its complications. But studies show that the use of stem cells helps to achieve positive dynamics in the patient's condition. Ukrainian medical centers treat:

  • Cirrhosis of the liver - is often detected at the latest stages. Getting into the diseased organ, the stem cells turn into the living ones that are peculiar to it. The liver is renewed, and the disease recedes. Thanks to this treatment, organ transplantation is often avoided.
  • Diabetes mellitus - the practice of the Institute of Cellular Therapy shows that treatment is effective by 97%. The effect on the body turns out to be complex: stimulation of the pancreas is performed, cell sensitivity to insulin is restored, immunity is increased, the tone of the vascular walls is improved;
  • Alzheimer's disease - stem cell injections are so far the only confirmed treatment method that can return the patient to normal life, other methods known to medicine can only stop the further development of the disease;
  • Multiple sclerosis - treatment of this disease with the help of SC brings much better results than traditional methods. In particular, in patients who underwent therapy, the functioning of the speech apparatus, memory is normalized, the work of nerve endings, the spinal cord and the brain is restored;
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy;
  • Cancer - SC transplantation is now used to treat leukemia, breast cancer, cancer of testicles, lungs. It is proved that the decreasement of immune forces influences the formation of tumors. The use of SC allows to increase the immunity, helps to renew the blood composition. Cancer immunotherapy is a new method in the experimental stage, but scientists are pinning great hopes on it;
  • Cerebral Palsy - physicians believe that the most favorable age for conducting cell transplantation is 7-9 years. Unfortunately, full healing is not always possible. But experience shows that partial restoration of body functions and improvement of a child's quality of life by new technologies is quite possible.

How safe and effective is stem cell therapy?

Stem Cell Research

SC therapy is a young, still developing method. Therefore, its effectiveness and safety is the most acute issue. Of great importance is the level of training of specialists, laboratory equipment, compliance with standards.

Today, more than 5,600 studies are known in world science. Their result showed the clinical safety and high efficiency of the innovative method.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor