Prices and benefits of treatment in clinics of India

Treatment in India

In recent years, India has become more and more confident in leading positions on the level of development of medicine and pharmacological industry. Patients from more than 100 countries come to India for treatment.

An important factor that attracts numerous guests from abroad is the use of methods of treatment, which are set out in Ayurveda. The development of medical tourism is facilitated by the emergence of new modern clinics. Medical centers are equipped with modern devices and have the staff completed with qualified doctors who conscientiously work. The possibilities of Indian medicine are increasing every year and, accordingly, the number of foreign patients is increasing.

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The main advantages of treatment in India for patients from abroad

In hospitals in India, you can meet patients from Europe, Asia, Africa. This is due to the fact that treatment in India, in comparison with other countries, has a number of important advantages.

The main advantages are:

  • low cost of treatment;
  • high quality of services;
  • qualified doctors.

Indian medicine is attractive for its economy. Treatment in India costs 40-80% cheaper than in clinics in European countries.

Clinics in India have everything you need to conduct accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. The hospitals are also famous for their specialized rehabilitation. It is based on a combination of modern technologies and classical methods.

Most doctors received knowledge in higher education institutions in Europe and the US, and internships there. Only the best doctors get to prestigious clinics in India. Before they are hired, they are seriously tested.

Treatment of which diseases in India is most popular in patients

Ayurvedic treatment in India

Indian doctors have made progress in the treatment of many diseases. Most often, patients turn to clinics for the purpose of:

  • Ayurvedic treatment. For 100 years of colonial life, many valuable knowledge on Ayurveda has been lost. Today they are restored bit by bit. A new generation of doctors is trained in these secrets in special educational institutions;
  • Treatment of hepatitis. It is no coincidence that India is chosen for the treatment of viral hepatitis. In addition to a good diagnostic and treatment base, patients are attracted to use for the treatment of generics. These drugs are an analogue of Western means, but cost several times cheaper;
  • Organ transplantation. Compared with other countries, India carries out a huge number of operations for kidney, liver, intestine transplantation. Transplantology is one of the most developed areas of Indian medicine;
  • Therapy of oncological diseases. For the treatment of cancer in India, all modern methods used in developed countries are used. On the level of oncology treatment, India has results not worse than average in the world.

Also, doctors successfully treat diseases of cardiovascular system, CNS, carry out surgeries on endoprosthetics.

Cost of treatment in Indian clinics

The best clinics in India

Indian specialists provide assistance at prices much lower than in Europe and America. The cost of treatment in India does not affect its quality.

Low prices for treatment in India, among other factors, have become possible due to the high development of the pharmaceutical industry, which allows to significantly reduce the cost of drugs.

The combination of quality of treatment and economic access allowed patients from many countries of the world to restore their health.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor