Cancer Radiotherapy in Poland

Radiation therapy in Poland

In oncology, radiation therapy refers to a method of treating cancer using ionizing radiation, which is among the most researched, effective and well tolerated methods.

In the tactics of dealing with oncology, radiation therapy is both a basic and an additional method. The data of clinical trials on this method of exposure indicate the presence of noticeable advantages for patients in terms of organ preservation, reduction of symptoms, their severity and a positive effect on the quality of life in general.

In Poland, this antitumor technique is often used by specialists in the field of oncology. As part of radiation therapy for cancer in Poland, it is planned to use powerful linear accelerators, innovative equipment and computerized systems that calculate the coordinates of the location of tumors.

This approach contributes to the targeted effect on the tissue of a malignant nature, while the surrounding tissue is damaged minimally. This helps to protect the patient from significant side effects. The high effectiveness of radiotherapy in Poland is also proved by the numerous positive reviews of patients.

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Benefits of Radiation Cancer Therapy in Poland

  • The use of the latest equipment and computerized systems. This allows you to most accurately select the position of the source of the pathological process and direct the radiation beam to it;
  • Cancer radiotherapy in Poland has an extensive list of modern methods by which it is possible to overcome malignant tumors of various types;
  • Detailed treatment planning;
  • Permanent monitoring of the health of patients in order to eliminate possible problems;
  • Creating a comfortable stay in the clinic for the patient;
  • The staff of clinics in Poland is highly competent and benevolent.

When do Polish oncologists use radiotherapy?

Cancer Radiotherapy in Poland

Radiation therapy is used as an independent method, and in conjunction with others to eliminate various types of malignant tumors. Specialists in oncology prescribe radiotherapy in Poland in cases of:

  • Certain types of tumors;
  • Oncology return warnings;
  • Palliative treatment when surgery is impossible. The use of radiation therapy in this case, destroying cancer cells, reduces pain and pressure on the organs, near or inside of which there is a large neoplasm;
  • Before performing a surgical removal of the tumor in order to reduce it`s size;
  • After surgical removal of the tumor in order to eliminate the cancer cells that could remain;
  • To increase the effectiveness of tumor treatment in combination with chemotherapy.

What types of radiation therapy of cancer are used in Poland?

Within the framework of radiation therapy of oncology in Poland, its various types are applied. The choice of one of them is determined by the type of disease, the stage of its development and the location of a malignant tumor.

  • Three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy. The goal in this case is to deliver the most effective dose of radiation to the neoplasm and not to disturb the healthy cells surrounding it;
  • Converted intensity irradiation. Allows the radiation beam to exactly repeat the contours of a malignant neoplasm. At the same time, a high dose of radiation is directed only to cancerous tissues;
  • Volume-converted irradiation. As a result of applying this method, the maximum dose of radiation rays affects the tumor with millimeter accuracy;
  • Stereotactic radiation surgery is a non-invasive method, applicable in the case of brain tumors that cannot be surgically removed, as well as the small size of the tumor;
  • Brachytherapy. The source of radiation is put to the organ affected by cancer during the operation;
  • Surface radiotherapy. In the process of such treatment, the rays penetrate the tissue superficially. It is used in the following types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma and non-melanoma skin cancer;
  • Intraoperative radiotherapy is a method designed to irradiate any remaining microscopic cancer cells that may have remained after the removal of the tumor;
  • Radionuclide therapy. Involves the delivery of radioactive substances to cancer cells through capsules or solution taken orally or injected into a vein;
  • Radio-iodine therapy of benign tumors of the thyroid gland;
  • Treatment of painful bone metastases with radium and samarium.

Prices for radiotherapy in Polish clinics

The cost of radiation therapy for cancer in Poland may vary depending on some factors. It is caused by the type, stage of the disease, the position of the malignant tumor and the purpose of treatment.

For example, the cost of standard radiation will be less than stereotactic radiation surgery. However, under any circumstances, the price exhibited in clinics in Poland for radiotherapy is justified by the high quality of its implementation, efficiency and good final results.

In addition, Polish radiologists have vast experience, and at all stages, the patient’s health status and individual tolerance of such exposure are also monitored.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor