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For patients

Dear Visitor!

Obviously, you are looking for a solution to the health problem for you personally or for your relatives or friends. And we will do our best to help you in this matter. There are at least three reasons why you should contact us:

1. You can get several (usually at least 3) offers   for treatment, rehabilitation or diagnosis in response to your request. We are an independent association that cooperates with hundreds of leading clinics and dozens of countries. Our goal is to find for you such a specialist or clinic who have a successful experience of diagnosis and treatment in the area you need. Often the proposals have significantly different approaches to the treatment of your disease, the duration of treatment and, of course, the cost.   We will choose the most optimal offer     together with you and if it necessary with your trusted doctors!

2. We are professional.   The association employs experienced doctors and medical tourism specialists who will deeply understand the essence of the medical problem and the best ways to solve it;  

3. Optimal for cost value propositions .   Our association is a non-profit organization, existing through membership and charitable contributions. You do not pay for the UAMT service. Our mission is social, aimed primarily at the possibility of getting you quality medical care in Ukraine and abroad.  

Our capabilities in Ukraine:

Ukraine has unique opportunities in:

UAMT collaborates with leading public and private clinics, institutes, medical and preventive institutions of Ukraine, leading facilitators of medical services, diagnostic laboratories, insurance companies, charities, health funds, so we can provide information about the quality of healthcare services, quality of services, and the effectiveness of treatment. Also due to the cooperation with companies specialized in the field of medical tourism UAMT can

to assist in the organization of diagnostics and treatment in the leading Ukrainian clinics.

Our capabilities abroad:

Our association is a member of the Global Healthcare Travel Council. UAMT regularly participates in the specialized international exhibitions and conferences, conducts international inspections, so we have information about advanced foreign clinics and specialists, the leading medical tourism destinations, the leading medical tourism and tour operators, air carriers. So, we can 

to assist in the organization of diagnostics and treatment in the leading foreign clinics.

Medical Consultant

Our services are FREE for you!

We work directly with leading clinics worldwide. A medical consultant will contact you and help with the choice of treatment.

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