Treatment of brain tumors in Israeli clinics

Brain cancer

According to medical research, the brain tissue is very dense and strong enough. But, at the same time, even the smallest volume formations in the field of any of the hemispheres, can lead to a brain tumor. The number of patients with such a terrible diagnosis, not only in our country, but also throughout the world, increases year by year by exactly one third. The reasons are different, from heredity to the impact on health of people of bad ecology.

Today, treating a brain tumor in Israel is considered one of the most effective methods of fighting cancer. The statistics of successful brain surgery in Israel directly indicates that this country is the leader in this field of healthcare and has the most modern equipment.

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Advanced methods of diagnosing a brain tumor in Israel

Diagnosis of a brain tumor

Many of those who had such a frightening, at first glance, diagnosis, well know that medicine in Israel is famous for its advanced methods of treatment and accurate diagnosis. Good results are shown in Israel in the treatment of brain tumors. In order for the treatment to be successful, highly qualified Israeli specialists apply the following diagnostic techniques:

  1. MRI. As practice shows in the field of neurosurgery, it is MRI that can accurately detect a tumor in the brain, and of absolutely any size.
  2. Scintigraphy. After the patient is administered a radioactive sensor through a gamma camera, there is a possibility for a complete examination of the cancer tissues.
  3. Immunohistochemistry. This method, along with MRI, is the most effective and accurate. Thanks to immunohistochemistry, the results of already existing diagnoses are confirmed or vice versa.
  4. Ventriculoscopy. This is another diagnostic technique. It is considered one of the most difficult, but at the same time, the most effective.
  5. Biopsy. The uniqueness of this procedure, within the walls of Israeli clinics, does not require the opening of the skull, which in turn greatly facilitates the work of surgeons.

Why is the treatment of brain cancer in Israel much more effective than in the CIS countries?

Operation to remove brain cancer

The effectiveness of the treatment of brain cancer in Israel is universally recognized and is considered one of the highest in the world medical practice. So why do patients from all over the world trust doctors in Israel? Among the main reasons:

  • High qualification of neurosurgeons;
  • Unique and most advanced techniques for the treatment of brain metastases;
  • Advanced unique medical equipment;
  • Acceptable and maximally transparent price level;
  • Responsible, caring staff;
  • Convenient conditions of placement in the hospital during or after rehabilitation.

Modern methods of treatment of brain tumors in Israeli clinics

The most effective treatment of brain cancer in clinics in Israel shows when combining different therapies, while the methods the doctor uses individually in each case. In general, the following are commonly used:

  1. Non-surgical therapy:
    • Radiation and stereotactic radiosurgery. Includes phased irradiation of cancer cells, in order to prevent the occurrence of relapses;
    • Chemotherapy. Typically, this method is assigned to the patient individually and has tremendous success (it helps in about 40% of bad cases).
  2. Surgical treatment of brain tumor:
    • Endoscopic transnasal removal of pituitary tumors. Applicable even for the smallest tumors, does not require drilling holes in the skull.
    • Safe open surgery to remove the tumor of the brain. Usually used in cases where it is impossible to remove malignant formulations in an other way. In this case, Israel's neurosurgeons use the most powerful microscope and MRI, with the help of which the jewelery work on opening the skull is carried out.

The cost of treating brain cancer in the best clinics in Israel

In Israel, prices for health services are regulated by the state, which means that you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality assistance at a fair price. Appeal to the medical staff of Israeli clinics will help to avoid relapse of the disease in the future, and therefore decreases the total cost of medical care.

The price of treating brain cancer in Israel will depend on the procedure chosen - it will be chemotherapy or surgery. The final cost can be obtained after examination and diagnosis in the chosen clinic.

Procedure Assuta Clinic Shiba Clinic Suraski Clinic Hadassah Clinic
PET-CT 1000$ from 1900$ 1000$ -
Oncologist consultation from 720$ - 650-1100$ -
Biopsy - - from 650$ -
Biochemical blood test from 45$ - from 610$ -
Histological examination of the biopsy 650-780$ - 550-850$ 650-700$
Consultation of a neurosurgeon from 475$ 450-600$ 650-750$ -
Blood test for onkomarkers from 20$ - 350-400$ -
Scintigraphy - - from 450$ -
Consultation of a surgeon from 475$ from 450$ from 750$ 500-600$
Electroencephalography 750-800$ - from 750$ -
General blood test from 45$ - - -
MRI of the brain with contrasting from 1450$ from 1000$ - 1000-1400$
Stereotactic radiosurgery - from 19000$ 22500-31000$ -
Craniotomy from 30000$ from 29000$ 32000-36000$ -
Removal of glioblastoma - - 25000-36000$ -
Removal of glioma - - 25000-36000$ -
Radiation therapy from 10000$ - from 7000$ from 10000$
Irradiation of one site - from 195$ - -
Chemotherapy from 620$ - - from 1200$
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor