Medical Tourism in Germany

Medical Tourism in Germany

Medical tourism in Germany is a popular destination for the treatment and rehabilitation of many patients from Ukraine and the CIS countries. This is an excellent way to combine rest or work with the diagnosis and treatment of your illness. German medicine is considered one of the most developed in the world. And it is not surprising, because the clinics in Germany offer the latest and most modern equipment for the treatment of even the most complex diseases, author-designed and advanced treatment technologies are regularly developed and implemented here.

More than two thousand medical centers and clinics are ready to accept a patient for effective complex diagnostics and therapy. However, in addition to the competent staff, the latest methods of eliminating pathologies, German specialists pay great attention to the rehabilitation of the patient. Here the best conditions are created for the stay and recovery of patients with various pathologies.

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Why is Germany attractive for medical tourists?

Medical tours to Germany

Medical tours to Germany are popular not only because of the opportunity to undergo therapy in the best medical institutions of the world, but also because it is in German clinics that the research centers are concentrated, allowing to develop and introduce the latest methods and technologies of treatment. Patients have the opportunity to undergo drug treatment with the latest drugs, as well as be observed by specialists with a worldwide reputation and experience.

The colossal financial support of the health care system from the state makes it possible to create all the conditions for effective, modern and highly accurate treatment of patients from other countries.

In the German centers and clinics work one of the best specialists, graduates of medical universities all over the world. Germany is an innovation in world medicine.

Advantages of Medical Tourism to Germany

Health and medical tourism in Germany has several advantages:

  • High-quality medical service that meets all international standards;
  • Highly qualified medical staff who undergo rigorous and intensive training before starting work;
  • The availability of various medical procedures that cannot be performed in other foreign clinics;
  • The ability of the patient to independently choose a clinic for treatment;
  • Passage of spa treatment under individual supervision;
  • Special diagnostic programs for elderly patients;
  • Comprehensive diagnosis with unique methods for children and adolescents.

In addition, medical centers in Germany are annually cosmetically reformed, which allows to significantly improve the quality of patient care.

Prices for medical tours to Germany

Medical tourism in Germany is not a cheap pleasure. But since all prices are regulated at the legislative level, the cost of treatment, diagnosis or rehabilitation for foreign patients is no different from the cost for the Germans themselves.

An important condition that a foreign patient must meet before starting therapy is making a deposit to the center account. The size of the deposit depends on the selected survey procedures and methods and represents some kind of prepayment for the upcoming treatment.

Prices for medical tourism in Germany in different clinics may vary, they also depend on the selected medical procedures:

  • Specialist consultation - from 350 €;
  • The course of chemotherapy - from 2 thousand €;
  • Endoprosthetics - from 9000 to 24 thousand €;
  • PET-CT - from 2 thousand €;
  • Bone marrow transplantation - from € 230,000;
  • IVF - from 6.5 thousand. €.

Diagnostics and treatment in Germany - are high standards of treatment, where high-tech methods and robotic mechanisms, branded drugs and medical innovations are applied.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor