Treatment of intervertebral hernia in clinics of Turkey

Spinal hernia

The spine is the part of the body that should be taken seriously. And if a disease such as a hernia develops, then you should not postpone treatment . Today, spinal treatment is available in many countries in Europe and America, but most patients seek help from Turkish specialists.

Spinal treatment in Turkey is carried out by many clinics and medical centers, and modern methods of therapy and the latest equipment can cure patients both in the initial stages of the disease and in more advanced cases.

Today, Turkey is on the top list of countries for medical tourism, which proves high professionalism of doctors, staff and state-of-the-art clinics equipped as comfortable as possible to undergo therapy.

Spinal hernia treatment in Turkey is not only a decent quality of medical services, but also affordable prices.

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What are the advantages of spinal hernia treatment in Turkey?

Treatment of intervertebral hernia in Turkey has a number of its features and advantages:

  1. Implementation of minimally invasive operations by leading world-class specialists;
  2. Opportunity to recover and get rid of this problem in the best clinics of the country at a level not lower than German and Israeli medicine;
  3. The use of modern technologies and techniques that can significantly reduce the duration of operations and recovery time;
  4. Implementation of complex treatment, including diagnosis, preparation, all procedures and the rehabilitation phase;
  5. Individual selection of spinal treatment programs;
  6. Reasonable prices, which are several times lower than in Germany, Israel, Austria.

How is spinal treatment in clinics in Turkey?

Treatment of intervertebral hernia in Turkey

When a spine clinic in Turkey accepts a foreign patient, the therapy is divided into several stages:

  • Passage of diagnostic procedures and consultation with the doctor;
  • Drawing up an individual therapy program, where the doctor selects the most optimal type of treatment.
  • Stage of surgical intervention on spine;
  • The rehabilitation period, when the patient is prescribed the necessary drugs and the execution of techniques to restore the bod.

Turkish clinics are considered among the first to successfully perform endoscopic discectomy operations. Carrying out the operation under video control has a positive outcome in almost 99% of cases. In addition, performing complex neurosurgical operations on the spine and even endoprosthetics are not inferior in terms of quality to well-known centers in Europe and the whole world.

What determines the price for treatment of intervertebral hernia in Turkey?

Undoubtedly, choosing a Turkish clinic to correct problems in the vertebral department, the patient, along with the latest medical developments, also receives professional, first-class help.

The cost of procedures at the same time is much cheaper than in the clinics of the European Union or Israel. The price of spinal treatment in Turkey directly depends on the chosen method and type of surgical intervention. For example, the cost of endoscopic discectomy varies from $ 1,200 to $ 29,000.

Price policy of Turkish clinics for procedures:

  • removal of vertebral hernia - $ 2,400 - $ 32,000;
  • removal of intervertebral disc herniation - 5000 - $ 8000;
  • treatment of hernia using the endoscopy method - from $ 3500.

What treatment method is best for you, can only be determined by the attending doctor after a series of examinations and diagnostics.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor