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Stem Cell Alzheimer's Disease Treatment in Ukraine

Stem Cell Alzheimer's Disease Treatment in Ukraine

At the current level of medical development, stem cell treatment of Alzheimer's disease is the only proven way to significantly improve the condition of the patient. Other methods used can only slightly slow down the development of symptoms.

Unfortunately, stem cell therapy is not yet able to achieve full recovery of damaged nerve endings, however, its use can significantly improve not only the general condition of the patient, but also significantly delay the onset of the inability to work, which is inevitable in this disease.

How effective is the treatment of Alzheimer's with stem cells in Ukraine?

This technique is becoming increasingly popular - this is because the treatment of Alzheimer's disease with stem cells in Ukraine is highly effective, which has already been felt by many patients from different countries who have been assisted. The use of SC allows you to:

  • To some extent, restore damaged brain and nerve cells;
  • Prevent further destruction of the nervous system and damage to healthy areas of brain tissue;
  • Restore higher nervous functions (intelligence, long-term and short-term memory);
  • Improve self-awareness and increase the patient's ability to communicate;
  • Normalize speech functions;
  • Improve your mood and prevent its swings;
  • Restore the normal functioning of the joints of the upper and lower extremities.

How is stem cell Alzheimer's disease treated?

Alzheimer's Disease

Therapy in the clinics for the treatment of Alzheimer's stem cells is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. The sampling of cellular material - to obtain the required number of living SCs, a certain amount of adipose tissue is taken from the patient. The sampling is produced by surgical resection or, resorting to the help of liposuction. To prevent the development of complications, the patient is placed for a while in a hospital;
  2. Growing - to obtain the required number of viable stem cells, previously taken fat cells are exposed to light exposure. In total, it takes about two hours to get one injection of the drug;
  3. Introduction - after receiving the drug, its immediate intravenous administration to the patient.

Thanks to the use of our own adipose tissue, it becomes possible not only to solve a complex of ethical problems (associated with the use of stem cells of animal or embryonic origin), but also to exclude the development of a whole complex of complications associated with the rejection of donor cells by the body (the occurrence of allergic reactions, autoimmune attacks, etc.).

The cost of cell therapy for Alzheimer's in Ukraine

The price of treatment for Alzheimer's with stem cells in Ukraine includes:

  1. First hospitalization (for examination and adipose tissue collection);
  2. The first injection of the drug (performed approximately two weeks after the adipose tissue is taken);
  3. Subsequent administration of the drug (the administration interval is determined by the attending physician for each patient separately).

The course of treatment for Alzheimer's stem cell disease consists of three injections of the drug, with an interval of three to six months.

Estimated amount that the patient will pay for therapy:

  • The cost of consumables - 8 thousand dollars;
  • Examination to determine the condition and eliminate contraindications - $ 500;
  • Inpatient treatment - $ 100 per day of stay in the clinic.
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor

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