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Treatment of liver cirrhosis with stem cells in Ukraine

Cirrhosis of the liver

Now, an innovative method of treating liver cirrhosis with stem cells, which in a relatively short time allows eliminating scars (characteristic of cirrhosis) and achieving complete restoration of all lost liver functions, is becoming increasingly popular, both in Ukraine and abroad. The most effective therapy for cirrhosis of the first and second stages.

Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment in Ukraine

The advantages of stem cell cirrhosis clinics in Ukraine include:

  • Efficiency. It has been experimentally proved that the introduction of the preparation of its own SC to the patient contributes to the gradual replacement of damaged cells with completely healthy ones;
  • Security. This method causes far fewer side effects than others used.
  • Accuracy of action. Cell therapy is characterized by one characteristic feature, SCs, after introduction into the body, migrate exclusively to the localization sites of inflammatory processes. This pattern is explained by the presence of special receptors in them, capable of determining the location of the accumulation of leukocytes.
  • Help with advanced stages of cirrhosis. It has been clinically proven that stem cell therapy is able to repair damaged liver structures even in the severe stages of their destruction;
  • Availability. Ukraine is the only country among all post-Soviet countries in which the use of stem cells is not only permitted at the legislative level, but is also widely used in many specialized medical institutions;
  • Low cost - in Ukraine the procedure will cost much cheaper than in countries near and far abroad. At the same time, the quality of medical care will be almost identical.

Liver transplantation or stem cell treatment - what to choose?

Treatment of liver cirrhosis with stem cells in Ukraine

Treatment of cirrhosis with the help of intravenous administration of own stem cells (SC) is one of the most modern and effective therapeutic methods. It has been clinically established that in the treatment of cirrhosis (of all degrees), stem therapy can improve the general condition of the patient, normalize blood biochemical parameters and significantly accelerate the restoration of damaged cellular structures.

Also, the introduction of SC promotes the production of cell growth factors (cytokines and hormones) that inhibit the development of inflammatory processes and reduce hepatocyte apoptosis.

In addition, cell therapy, unlike transplantation, does not have pronounced side effects.

How is cirrhosis treated with stem cells in Ukraine?

The process of treating liver cirrhosis with stem cells in Ukraine takes place according to the following algorithm:

  1. Stem cell taking - performed by resection of a small amount of adipose tissue. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and lasts no more than half an hour. To reduce the risk of complications of the patient after the procedure for a day placed in a hospital;
  2. Cultivation of cellular material - it is grown for two or three weeks. The term directly depends on the number of required SC;
  3. The introduction of the drug into the body - after receiving the necessary number of stem cells, they are administered intravenously. The procedure takes no more than fifteen minutes in a hospital, in which the patient is placed for about a day.

The cost of treating liver with stem cells in Ukraine

Before starting of the procedure, it should be noted that in order to achieve the correct results, it is necessary that the general condition of the body is satisfactory. In this connection, before the injection, the patient must undergo a course of general healing procedures.

In general, the cost of treating stem cell cirrhosis in Ukraine depends on the stage of the disease, the need for additional therapy and rehabilitation. On average, the cost of treatment ranges from ten to seventeen thousand dollars, which is much lower than in the EU or Israel.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor

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