The best clinics of Israel 2022

The best clinics of Israel

Israel is a leader of a world medicine. The health care system here is built in such a way that all favorable conditions have been created for the treatment of the most complicated pathologies, not only for citizens of the state, but also for foreigners. Israeli clinics offer patients to perform such surgery and undergo such therapy, which Ukrainian doctors cannot provide because of lack of medical equipment, experience and confidence.

Each medical center in Israel specializes in a particular pathology and introduces innovative ways to eliminate it. This quality makes Israeli hospitals one of the best in the world.

The Ministry of Health has published an honest list of Israeli clinics that are among the best in terms of patient care.

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Rating of the best clinics in Israel (TOP-5)

The treatment in the best clinics in Israel is:

  1. Opportunity to independently choose the appropriate medical center, as well as select the attending physician.
  2. The best qualified doctors, medical personnel with many years of experience and practice.
  3. The use of innovative techniques, techniques and treatment technologies, which in many cases allow minimally invasive surgical intervention.
  4. A conservative method of treatment that causes minimal harm to the body.
  5. Transparent and affordable prices of treatment.

The main advantage of treatment in Israel is the ability to choose a private or public clinic, where they can solve any medical problem effectively.

Top clinics in Israel and their rating based on the assessment of the quality of services:

Hadassah Clinic
Hadassah Clinic

The Hadassah Center is one of the leading public hospitals in Israel, which is among the top three hospitals in terms of service quality. The hospital is famous for receiving a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for tolerance towards representatives of all nations and religions.

Clinic Assuta

Assuta Clinic

The largest private medical center is the Assuta clinic, which has 11 hospitals at its disposal. The leading specialization is gynecology, oncology, surgery and orthopedics.

Sheba Hospital

Shiba Clinic

By the number of patients, the hospital to named after H. Shiba is a leader - every year it takes more than 1 million patients from all over the world. It consists of more than 150 centers and departments where they treat oncology, there are highly qualified specialists in neurosurgery, pediatrics, etc.

Medical Center Suraski (Ichilov)

Medical Center Sourasky (Ichilov)

The Sourasky Medical Center is one of the largest hospitals in Israel, the main specialisation of which is to help young patients. Any problem with the health of the child is easily solved by the skillful treatment of doctors Suraski.

Reut Rehabilitation Center

Reut Rehabilitation Center

Private Reut Clinic in Tel Aviv specializes in rehabilitation procedures. In this area, it is the best in the country. In the center you can restore mental and physical abilities after injuries, as well as the consequences of diseases - oncology, respiratory diseases, neurological disorders and others.

What to look for when choosing a clinic in Israel?

Most citizens of the CIS and Ukraine choose medical clinics in Israel due to modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, highly qualified personnel and the latest methods of treating pathologies.

Before you go to undergo treatment, you should decide on the medical institution, collect the necessary documents.

The following points should be carefully evaluated:

  1. The level of professionalism of staff, the competence of doctors.
  2. Read patient reviews.
  3. To select a hospital by the criterion of quality of service.
  4. How realistic are the prices?
  5. Ability to select the appropriate payment method.
  6. The presence of choice, since not all public clinics provide the opportunity to choose a doctor for self-referral.

Leading clinics in Israel freely admit Ukrainian citizens to undergo therapy, since a visa is not required for residents of Ukraine.

Which clinic to choose - private or public?

All Israeli medical clinics provide services at the highest level equally for both citizens and foreign patients.

Private clinics in Israel provide:

  • The possibility of self-selection of the attending specialist, the conditions of stay at the time of treatment;
  • Modern medical equipment;
  • Adequate and affordable prices of therapy;
  • The ability to directly select a suitable surgeon, cardiologist or anesthesiologist.

At the same time, Israeli state clinics are able to provide medical care of any complexity for patients of any age. In the case of a complex operation or the consideration of a severe case, consultations are immediately convened and further courses of action are decided.

The best specialists work in state hospitals, where they have all the conditions for applying the latest developments and methods of medicine.

If your case does not require serious tests, diagnostics, prolonged treatment, then it is better to choose a private medical center, where you can quickly say goodbye to your illness. More serious cases are treated in major medical centers of the country.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor