TrueBeam Radiation Therapy System

The TrueBeam radiation therapy system is a cancer treatment method based on the ability of the TrueBeam linear accelerator to expose cells to large doses of ionizing radiation. Its main advantage is ease of use, selectivity of action and the speed of achieving a stable long-lasting remission.

Benefits of TrueBeam Radiation Therapy System

TrueBeam radiation therapy system

TrueBeam radiation therapy significantly surpasses all classical methods known in modern medicine in terms of force and safety. This system compares favorably:

  1. The combined composition - one of its most interesting distinguishing features is that it consists of a combination of several modern methods of radiation treatment (IMRT, IGRT, Gated RT, Rapidarc);
  2. Possibility of local impact on the required area - TrueBeam system is characterized by phenomenal accuracy of irradiation, which is achieved by the latest visualization system;
  3. Almost complete absence of proven side effects - due to the phenomenal accuracy of exposure (deviation does not exceed one millimeter), the likelihood of concomitant damage to healthy tissues is significantly reduced;
  4. Quick recovery - thanks to the accurate and powerful effect, the amount of time required to achieve the first significant results is significantly reduced;
  5. High efficiency - the passage of even one course of therapy allows you to achieve not only a stable remission, but in some cases completely cure the disease;
  6. Gentle effect on the body - therapy does not require the use of toxic chemicals and surgical operations;
  7. No hospitalization required - TrueBeam practically does not provoke side effects, which avoids placing the patient in a hospital.
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In what types of oncology  TrueBeam radiotherapy is used?

TrueBeam Radiotherapy is a method at the intersection of surgery and medical oncology, which is most often used to treat partially removed, recurring or non-surgical tumors.

It is most effective to use the TrueBeam device for treatment:

  • Tumors of the lungs, including those complicated by metastases;
  • Brain cancer (including complications).
  • Tumors of the liver, kidneys, pancreas;
  • Oncological diseases of the skeletal system, prostate and any soft tissues.

Features of cancer radiotherapy system TruBeam

TrueBeam radiotherapy

TrueBeam oncology radiotherapy is usually distinguished by a short treatment period (the procedure lasts about two minutes) and a relatively small number of procedures necessary to achieve the first positive results. However, it should be borne in mind that the number of procedures can vary depending on the condition of the patient, the degree of development of the disease and its localization.

Throughout the entire period of treatment, the patient can lead a familiar lifestyle without any significant restrictions. It is worth noting that in some cases (extremely rarely) the patient’s energy potential may deteriorate, which is an absolute indication for hospitalization of patient to hospital.

Also, throughout the course of the patient, he is continuously monitored by a team of experienced specialists monitoring the development of the disease, making adjustments to the treatment plan (if necessary).

Which countries use the TrueBeam device and how much does the treatment cost?

This anti-cancer technology is widely used in clinics and specialized centers of Israel, Germany and Turkey, in which, by the way, the cost of TrueBeam radiation therapy is much lower than that of competitors. Examples of prices for TrueBeam therapy in Turkish clinics:

  • Preparation for the diagnosis, the examination itself and a full scan of the body - 7.5 thousand dollars;
  • The standard course of treatment is from S9000;
  • Difficult course - from $ 12,000;
  • Radiosurgery - $ 15,000 - $ 21,000 (depending on the complexity of the procedure).