Public Council under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is elected permanent joint public advisory and monitoring body.

Public Council was created to ensure the active participation of citizens in public affairs, cooperation between the Ministry of Health and civil society institutions on the principles of good partnership, the implementation of public control over the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, paying attention to the public opinion in the formation and implementation of public health policies.

List of the Public Council under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine,  and their composition in 2012-2013

1. The Law Commission

2. On organizational and legal support of the Council

3. On International Relations

4. On philanthropic health care

5. On Public Procurement and anti-corruption

6. On reforming the health care system

 7. To protect the interests of health workers, education, science and personnel policy in health care 

8. On the activities of the pharmaceutical industry  

9. To protect the interests of patients

10. On meeting the challenges of socially dangerous diseases, addictions and their consequences

11. On the improvement of the health of disabled persons, veterans and socially disadvantaged groups

12. On the disease prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles

13. On the recovery and rehabilitation problems;

14. On cooperation with the media, communications and applications

15. Of the Ethics and Bioethics problems

16. Development of medical tourism

  • Golubenko Alexei, representative of youth public organization "Art Platform".
  • Dashchenko Inna, vice president of public organization "Association of Physicians of Medical Tourism."
  • Raisa Kravchenko, executive director of the Ukrainian public organization "Coalition to protect the rights of disabled persons and persons with intellectual disabilities."
  • Ianyshevska Violetta, president of the Public Union "Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism."
  • YASCHENKO Larisa, president of the Ukrainian public organization of disabled women "Donna."

17. On health and environmental matters.