SVF and PRP joint therapy

SVF and PRP joint therapy is a unique method of treating degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the joint tissue, combining the effectiveness of treatment with conditioned autoplasma and the regenerative potential of autologous adipose tissue cells.

This approach allows in the shortest possible time to help the renewal of the destroyed cartilage tissue, or at least significantly delay the installation of the endoprosthesis.

Passing SVF and PRP therapy allows:

  1. To weaken the local pain and inflammatory syndrome;
  2. To prevent cartilage fibrosis and dystrophic changes in the joints;
  3. Stimulate the restoration of destroyed cartilage structures.

What is SVF therapy?

PRP therapy in orthopedics

SVF therapy is an actively developing method of treating degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The SVF therapy procedure is based on the ability of the stromal-vascular fat fraction to stimulate metabolic processes inside the damaged joint.

Stromal-vascular cells are extracted without any risk from the patient’s body, which significantly reduces the risk of complications. After extraction, stromal-vascular cells are enriched with autologous conditioned plasma, then the resulting preparation is injected into the cavity of the damaged joint (since the operation is not complicated - only local anesthesia is used).

Benefits of Joint Treatment with PRP Therapy

PRP therapy procedure

Joint treatment with SVF therapy has several advantages:

  • PRP therapy in orthopedics is the most optimal method to date, allowing to achieve a stable restoration of the cartilage structure;
  • The introduction of the drug is carried out directly into the joint cavity, which significantly increases the assimilation of its cartilaginous tissue, and also contributes to the rapid reduction of inflammation and pain;
  • Due to the fact that exceptional patient’s own cells are used for treatment, the method does not provoke allergic reactions;
  • There is no possibility of infection with infectious diseases transmitted through the blood;
  • Treatment does not provoke systemic side effects;
  • Helps to improve local blood circulation, eliminate muscle spasm;
  • By supplying the joint with the necessary nutrients and nutrients, the restoration of cartilage tissue is accelerated.

How is PRP SVF therapy in orthopedics performed?

SVF joint therapy

The PRP therapy procedure is carried out in several stages, the first of which is the collection and processing of the necessary biomaterial, and the second is its direct introduction into the joint cavity. We will analyze each in more detail.

Stages of SVF joint therapy:

  1. The intake of fatty fraction and venous blood;
  2. Machining of the taken material;
  3. Creation on its basis of a medicinal product;
  4. The introduction of the resulting solution into the intraarticular cavity (performed under local anesthesia and does not require the patient to be hospitalized).

After the procedure, the patient is asked to perform several movements in the affected joint, for better distribution of the drug inside the joint cavity.

After a few days, the effectiveness of the treatment is monitored and the composition is additionally administered (very rarely, in especially severe cases). However, due to the high efficiency of this therapeutic method, the introduction of an additional dose of the drug in the vast majority of cases will not be needed.

How much does the PRP SVF therapy cost?

The price of PRP or SVF joint therapy directly depends on the cost of supplies, the need for additional treatment, as well as on the status of the clinic and the qualifications of the attending physician.