Coronary artery disease (CAD) is an acute or chronic myocardium involvement, which appears due to reduction of supply of cardiac muscle with arterial blood, which is caused by partial or full obstruction of one or several coronary arteries (which provide blood supply to the heart) with atheromatous plaque. Due to this patients are often complaining of retrosternal pain or pain in the left part of the chest, so called stenocardia.

If you have a diagnosis ‘Coronary artery disease (CAD)’ or ‘Hypertonia’, maybe your close relatives have had a heart attack, myocardial infarction or stroke, if you ever had a stenocardia attack or any kind of chest pain – you should go to the clinic for the specialists’ consultation.

Remember that heart diseases endure no stay. You should be examined by the cardiologist as soon as you felt mentioned above symptoms. The "gold standard" diagnostics of ischemic heart disease in the complex of necessary examinations is

coronary angiography – the most accurate and firm method of diagnostics of ischemic heart disease, which allows to work out an issue of therapeutic approach in every particular case; for example capability of further pharmaceutical treatment, necessity of such procedures as: angioplasty, stenting or coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

This procedure is invasive which means insertion of the special catheter in the operating room and can be done for diagnostic purposes as well as for control of the vessels condition after already performed surgeries. In other cases, you can recover proper blood supply to myocardium only via coronary artery bypass graft surgery – surgery with help of which blood flow in the heart arteries is recovered by going round the site of narrowing of the coronary vessel via creating new pass for the blood flow – bypasses. In most cases, material for the bypass is the internal thoracic artery or saphenous vein of the lower limb.

Coronary angiography is performed by our qualified specialists, who have long-term colossal experience of performance of such procedures. As a result you receive complete information about the condition of the coronary arteries, and attending doctor-cardiologist can choose the optimal treatment option.

In the ‘Heart Life Hospital’ complex examination and multi-agent 24/7 surgical treatment of the patients with the ischemic heart disease:

1) Interventional cardiology(which includes emergency indications):

  • • Coronary angiography – costs from 420 USD
  • • Stenting of the coronary vessels with drug-coated coronary stent systems(special frame, placed in the lumen of the coronary vessels of the heart and it provides the widening of the site narrowed by the pathologic process) by following manufacturers: Terumo, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Alvi Medica, Balton – costs from 350 USD

2) Surgical treatment. Specialists of the ‘Heart Life Hospital’ perform coronary artery bypass graft surgery on the beating heart successfully. Herewith heart is not switched out of blood flow, which allows admonishing the cardiac insufficiency development, myocardial ischemia and also development of the complications of the vital organs (central nervous system, kidneys, liver); traumatic damage of the blood cells is absent, and the duration of the surgery and the postoperative rehabilitation is decreased.

At our patients’ disposal there are best practices and experience of the medical facility with more than 60-years history, innovative equipment and latest technologies, comfortable wards, medical and cliental service of the world-class and colossal experience of the Ukrainian cardiac surgery.

Patient and his/her health is above all for us, only patient makes decision about offered treatment, and his/her further task is to direct all the organism’s energy at the convalescence, we will take care of the rest.

Be healthy!