Cost of orthokine joint therapy

Orthokine therapy is an innovative medical procedure that allows you to stimulate the natural ability of the human body to stop the production of inflammatory mediators.

The essence of the method is to take the patient's own blocking substances, as well as to process them and introduce them into the cavity of the affected joint.

Orthokine therapy allows you to stimulate increased production of “anti-inflammatory factors” in the human body, which not only allows you to stop the inflammatory process and pain, but also prevent joint destruction in the future.

For the treatment of which diseases is orthokine therapy suitable?

Orthokine therapy is used to treat:

  1. Age-related and dystrophic diseases of the joints;
  2. Injuries of the articular muscle system;
  3. Damage to the ligaments and tendons;
  4. Inflammatory diseases of the joints, muscles and tendons;
  5. Sports injuries;
  6. Injuries and degenerative diseases of the spine;
  7. Arthrosis, arthritis and osteoarthritis.

What are the benefits of orthokine joint therapy?

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Special advantages of orthokine joint therapy are:

  • Naturalness - due to the fact that the body’s own forces are used to cure, there is no need to use potent chemicals;
  • Good tolerance - the drug is based on its own substances that block inflammatory mediators, so that it does not provoke the occurrence of allergic reactions or any other negative side effects;
  • High efficiency - often pain reduction is observed after the first injection, and mobility in the affected joint is restored after the first course (about two months);
  • Long-term therapeutic effect - due to the ability of therapy to influence the production of its own anti-inflammatory substances, the effect of the drug can last up to several years. The duration of remission directly depends on the stage of the disease;
  • Minimally invasive procedure - the introduction of the drug is performed by intra-articular injection, which distinguishes the method from arthroscopy and in many cases allows to avoid the installation of an endoprosthesis.

How effective is orthokine joint therapy?

Orthokine joint therapy

The effectiveness of joint orthokine therapy has been repeatedly studied and tested in practice in several tens of thousands of patients who underwent such treatment in Europe.

For example, the effectiveness of the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee with orthokine therapy has been experimentally confirmed by German researchers. Of the four hundred people who received treatment in three hundred and fifty, a marked remission of the disease was noted.

In addition, the effectiveness of orthokine therapy in the treatment of dystrophic diseases of the spinal column was experimentally established. It was found that in most patients, a pronounced decrease in the intensity of pain occurs after the third injection. Persistent remission of the disease occurs after two months of treatment.

A dependence of the effectiveness of orthokine therapy on the stage of development of the disease and the general condition of the patient's body was also revealed. It turns out that the sooner the disease is detected and the appropriate therapy is started, the faster the achievement of remission and the longer its effect.

It should be noted that in some cases, after the end of the effect of the transferred therapy, the symptoms of the disease may resume. In such cases, it makes sense to undergo therapy again, which, by the way, is absolutely safe.

How is the treatment performed?

Treatment of the knee with orthokine therapy

Orthokine therapy is a unique therapeutic method based on the use of drugs made from the patient’s own blood. The serum made in this way is individual - it is suitable only for the person from whose blood it is made, which significantly increases its bioavailability and almost completely insures the patient from undesirable side effects.

The serum is made from the patient’s own blood, by incubating it for five hours and separating it with a fibrinogen centrifuge.

Next, the manufactured serum is injected into the affected joint by intra-articular injection. The drug is administered under local anesthesia, without placing the patient in a hospital for treatment. Usually, three injections of the drug are enough to get the first positive results.

What is the cost of one procedure and course of orthokine therapy?

The cost of orthokine therapy in Israel is approximately fifty percent lower than in clinics in Europe or America.

The average price of therapy is:

  1. The cost of consulting a radiologist is $550;
  2. The first injection (performed under the control of an x-ray machine) is $ 1950, for each subsequent one you will have to pay $1,500;
  3. The first injection (performed under CT control) - $2600, for each subsequent one you will have to pay - $2060.

In general, the course of orthokine therapy is $ 5,500 (under X-ray control) and $7,270 (under CT control).