In the section "Oncology" were the leading specialists of private oncology clinics of Kiev, Kazakhstan and Turkey. INNOVATION is an oncology clinic, head doctor is Tatyana Rosliakova. Subject of the report - "Private Oncology Clinic of the European standard. Ample opportunities for medical tourism" has caused a lot of interest from the audience.

During the presentation of the clinic Tatiana convinced everyone  that private cancer clinics in Ukraine and in particular clinic INNOVATION is ready to receive patients from abroad. The clinic operates strictly according to the world standards of diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and is the main factor that should be paying attention to. INNOVATION extensively use of telemedicine, the clinic's staff is fluent in English and Hebrew, clinic  provide to  patients services of transportation and settlement. Cancer treatment and service in the clinic INNOVATION neither is inferior to European clinics.

During the discussion, the President of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism Violetta Ianyshevska said that our state is well positioned for the active development of medical tourism. Leading Ukrainian clinics have everything you need for the adoption of foreign patients, local physicians possess unique medical technologies that have not analogues in the world. That is why Ukraine is interesting for operators of medical tourism from the former Soviet states and is actively developing cooperation with European countries in this regard.

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