UAMT congratulates Into-Sana - the largest medical center in Ukraine with new medical center opening. That is the third Into-Sana center in Kiev city.

In the modern Into-Sana clinic all arranged in such way to ensure maximum comfort for the patient - friendly and trained staff provides individual approach to each patient. Convenient logistics allows to navigate easily. There are pleasant, beautiful and comfortable design rooms, the third floor is designed for children reception. Classrooms are equipped with everything necessary for the smallest patients, colorful walls with fabulous characters and elaborate play area creates for the most capricious toddlers. All this helps to the pediatricians in Into-Sana.

Modern medical equipment allows to perform the full scope of outpatient care for adults and children with advanced diagnostic capabilities, including computed tomography, laboratory tests and minor surgery. Particular emphasis in the clinic is to attract the best health professionals and the introduction of innovative technologies. Kiev colleagues say: "Podol is cool and now - healthy as well".

"We have implemented a management system, have opened new clinics in Odessa, have created a strong platform for the development of the project in other cities. A year ago, we went to the Kiev medical market and already we provide full outpatient care on the left and right banks of Kiev. The next step in our evolution is to open a hospital and ambulance service in Kiev. We have already introduced our successful model and now we are improving and developing it", said a representative of SigulerGuff&Company Foundation - Peter Kochevrin.

At visiting the Into-Sana clinic during the opening ceremony the Chairman of Association award the clinic by certificate "Ukrainian Medical Tourism Association recommends"!