The newly appointed Minister of Healthcare Oleg Musiy  has declared refusal from using shadow  and corruption schemes.

The Minister has a clear position :  “ Now any corrupt activities with the licensing documents in the Ministry of Health is canceled.  Moreover,  there will not be any person in the Ministry, responsible for such schemes. If someone tells you that someone needs money for something, please,  report me, we will take action. If someone doesn’t like such non-corrupt system, let him write a letter of resignation right now” - said  Oleg Musiy on Friday during a meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Health.

O. Musiy also stated that, in his opinion, "the majority of employees of the Ministry of Health does not have any relation to these corruption schemes.”

In addition, the Minister said that if any political party or business structure will press on him, he is ready to resign.

The Minister of Health asked for support  from the Public Council.

"I have never been a politician, I do not know such schemes. But if there are  any attempts to frame me, I will turn to you for support, "- said O. Musiy.

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