Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MBST) is the newest method for treating the spine and joints

Spinal treatment without surgery, without side effects and without pain - is it possible? Yes, the German technology MBST, developed by A. Muntermann, makes it possible to effectively treat joints, spinal discs and the whole spine in an extremely short period of time. And most important, it’s enough to lie on a special couch to heal!

Features of the German MBST method

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

In 1999, A. Muntermann created the device MBST, which is a special bed-couch. Today, this technology is widely used in more than 28 countries of the world, and the effect of the passage of medical procedures is very positive.

Nuclear magnetic resonance therapy can eliminate the causes of the disease, and not only its symptoms. At the same time, the therapeutic effect after passing the procedures on the couch lasts more than five years.

MBST is an open-type apparatus that operates on the basis of MRI magnetic resonance and is remotely controlled using a computer.

How does the device work? Electronic and biomagnetic fields affect human cells and activate metabolism. As a result, the damaged cells are renewed and the painful sensations disappear. Under the action of nuclear magnetic resonance, the paths of the damaged areas of the human body are renewed and cartilage cells are revitalized.

For a short course of treatment in 10 sessions, where therapy lasts at least 60 minutes, it is possible to significantly improve the condition of the articular tissue and completely get rid of pain.

MBST efficiency

MBST machine

MBST-therapy by magnetic resonance is effective for:

  • Sports injuries;
  • Arthritis of the shoulder, elbow, joint of the hand and fingers;
  • Arthritis of the joints of the foot;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Arthritis of the vertebral joints;
  • The appearance of tension in the elbow, ligaments or muscles;
  • Disintegration of intervertebral cartilage.

In addition, the treatment by German magnetic resonance technology is able to restore the vital activity of dead cells of damaged human tissue in just 7-9 days.

Non-invasive and painless spinal treatment

What can be cured with MBST

Treatment with MBST is not only effective, but also painless and reliable.

During the session, the patient may experience various sensations, such as tingling, warmth, a short sense of pain. This indicates that therapy is progressing well.

Magnetic resonance has been used in medicine for more than a dozen years. Doctors have long established that magnetic resonance does not produce side reactions and effects. Therefore, the technique is considered completely safe and reliable.

It is proved that the device acts only on damaged cells, and healthy cells are not able to pick up the signal of the magnetic field MBST.

The technology is widely used in private and public medical centers in Europe, and soon permission is expected for the use of the method in the United States.

MBST is an advanced medical device that can not only cure the spine, but also prevent the development of a hernia in the spinal region.

It is possible to undergo treatment of the spine and joints of the extremities in Germany, Austria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, England and other countries.