October 25, 2013. In the exhibition "Health - 2013" was Medical Tourism Congress.

First Regional Congress of Medical Tourism "Modern development of medical tourism in the world. Potential of the CIS. Exchange of experience" is supported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and international medical tourism conference MTEC. Kiev.


In the plenary session the participants discussed the global experience of medical tourism. CEO of Mercury Healthcare Companies Companies from USA Mary Todd stressed that the successful implementation of the best examples of the country as a medical tourism provider, Ukraine needs to find its own unique advantages in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and presenting yourself in the information world community.

During the discussion, the president of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism Violetta Yanyshevska stressed that our country has all the possibilities for active development of medical tourism. In particular, there are some branches of Ukrainian healthcare at the high level, such medicine reproductive medicine, ophthalmology, dentistry and others. Leading local physicians have unique medical technologies that have no analogues in the world. That is why Ukraine is already interesting for operators of medical tourism from post-Soviet states and is actively developing cooperation with European countries in this regard.

During the session on "Reproduction" held at the Congress, Ukrainian experts from specialized clinics have demonstrated their achievements in the field of infertility treatment. The given session attended many obstetricians and gynecologists from Central Asian countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and the Baltic states.

"Ukraine should be proud by the results of Reproductive Medicine at international level ," - said the president of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism Violetta Yanyshevska.

The Congress was represented progress in the development of medicine and medical tourism clinics representatives and operators from Turkey, India , Latvia, Hungary, Greece , Iraq, Georgia.

Press Service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.